IAAD Asphalt Distributor

Imperial Asphalt and Aggregate Distributor Inc. is an asphalt maintenance company that was founded in May 2015 by Oneil Henry. IAAD started with only one truck and one employee, who was the driver as well as the office manager. Over the years, IAAD grew as a result of hard work and dedication, word of mouth and a lot of footwork. Today, with a fleet of trucks, a group of dedicated drivers, a secretary and two truck yards, IAAD provides tack coat and trucking services to construction companies in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut region including the New York State Department of Transportation.

6 years tack truck operator experience. Prior to this establishment, Oneil have been doing trucking services in the field of construction for 12years, from dump truck to the mixer, shovel and rake. With 5 years of experience operating the tack truck. Now with 12years of experience of high-quality service to all my customers.

Imperial Asphalt and Aggregate Distributor Inc is an asphalt maintenance company that specializes in providing emulsion asphalt with distributor Truck to construction companies. We are MWBE & DBE Certified with State of New York DOT and New York City Resurfacing highways, roads, streets, bridges and airport runways. We are also a member of the local 456 teamsters. Currently, we provide tack coat, asphalt emulsion and joint adhesive to construction companies in and around New York.


  • Asphalt Emulsion
    • Straight Tack Coat
    • Diluted Tack Coat
    • AC 20 (PG 64-22)
  • Joint Adhesive
    • Highway Joint Sealing